About Bar None Hats

Bar None Hat Co. was established in 2003 by Kaycee Orr Hoffman who originally resided in Greeley, Colorado but now bases her operation in Thedford, Nebraska. She is the fifth generation to be raised on a ranch which has been an attribute in building custom made hats for working cowboys, those portraying the western image or someone who simply wants a custom felt hat of any color, shape and size. Her aunt Susie Orr who is the former owner of Greeley Hat Works and Coleen Orr who owns Cowboy Up Hatters in Denver, Colorado mentored her and taught her the trade.

Kaycee builds each hat one at a time starting with a head measurement that is captured with a device that was made in Paris, France in the 1800's called a conformeatur. The transparency of the head pattern is imprinted into a piece of paper and then used to build the hat according to the person's head shape. There is more to crafting a custom hat than meets the eye. The persons face shape, personality, location and occupation are all taken into consideration with Kaycee designs your timeless master piece.

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